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Dehumidifier clothes drying


Efficient and energy-saving – the clever way to dry laundry.WT series with intelligent eDRY® electronic system

The WT series is a completely new development with many innovative ideas and practical functions. The next generation of dehumidifier clothes dryers sets benchmarks for technology, energy consumption and comfort.

The benefits at a glance

  • Silent: One of the quietest units on the market thanks to the highly efficient sound absorption measures
  • Energy-efficient: High-quality components and the intelligent eDRY® electronic system and BlueDry ® technology have made this one of the most energy-efficient units on the market
  • Comfortable: The dryer can be operated easily and comfortably
  • Extensive functions: Drying by programme („surface dry„, „iron dry„, „completely dry„) or by time (30 min, 60 min, 90 min). Automatic additional drying. Quick dry.
  • 4 performance classes: For laundry weighing 7.5kg to 20kg
  • 2 operating times can be selected: Laundry drying and room air dehumidification
Product description

Energy-saving, efficiently powerful

The perfect balance of highly efficient technologies and high-quality device components achieves an even better energy efficiency compared to earlier models. The equally new intelligent eDRY® electronic system takes over optimal control of the clothes dryer. Combined with our tried and tested BlueDry® technology, you benefit sustainably from lower energy costs. Even at lower room temperatures.

Available in four powerful versions, the dehumidifier clothes dryers dry up to 20 kg of laundry quickly and comfortably. Simply select the desired drying level at the push of a button on the neatly arranged operating display. The dehumidifier clothes dryers can be wall-mounted and thus take up very little space even in the smallest laundry rooms.

From this position, the dry air is pumped into the room and distributed ideally. The condensate outlet on the back can be used to continuously remove water through a hose.

Performance classes

Be kind to your wallet and your laundry


When drying laundry, the environmentally alternative using the heat pump principle with energy recovery saves significantly energy. There are further benefits compared to regular tumble-dryers as your clothes are protected at the highest level:


  • Your laundry will feel just as if it has been dried outdoors. It will be crease-free, resulting in less ironing.
  • Your clothes will not suffer abrasion as they do during drying in a tumble-dryer. This protects your laundry and its value.
  • Textiles which cannot be dried in a tumble-dryer, ranging from cashmere to silk, can also be dried in this way.

The dehumidifier clothes dryer can also be used purely as a room air dehumidifier. This operating mode keeps rooms dry long-term and removes any existing humidity from the walls or from stored items. It also permanently prevents mould formation and damage to materials and health caused by too high humidity.

The unique air filter system can be removed especially easily and washed out with water or rubbed off by hand.

Equipment features


Plastic and powder-coated steel plate
Exclusively for installation on walls


Air intake on the front at the top, air outlet at the front on the bottom


Replaceable gauze filter in a plastic frame
Does not normally have to be replaced


External pump kit PK-Uni
available as accessory



Demand-driven hot-gas defrosting


Hose connection for direct
condensate drainage


If humidity increases again after the desired
drying level has been reached,
the unit automatically dries to
the previously selected
drying level

  • Replacement air filter
  • Pump kit PK-Uni
  • Condensate drainage hose 15 x 2 mm
  • Hose clamp drainage hose 12 x 2 / 15 x 2 mm
  • Socket thermostat
  • Available with wall bracket as standard
List view
Optimal indoor environment in living areas and cellars

Air humidity determines in a special way whether you feel comfortable in a room. Too high humidity can be oppressive and uncomfortable. It can cause mould and damage the building structure long-term. Visible or hidden mould in living areas can also have serious consequences for health.

Efficient laundry drying

Washing and drying laundry causes a significant proportion (approx. 20 %) of the total household electricity consumption in single and multi-family dwellings. AERIAL® dehumidifier clothes dryers are extremely energy- and cost-efficient as they apply the heat pump principle with energy recovery. But they have even further benefits compared to regular tumble-dryers.

Protection of investment in vintage cars

Storage at too high humidity means that vehicles can suffer from metal corrosion, mould on leather and fungus infestation in wood parts. Replacement parts for vintage cars can be difficult to obtain and expensive. Restoration takes a lot of time and incurs additional costs. As a result, such valuable vehicles should be protected from humidity in good time. The AERIAL® air dehumidifier is ideal for just that.

Product categories
Drying technology
and air purifiers
Remote monitoring