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To dry out insulation layers

HEPA filter system
HF 2

To dry out insulation layers

HEPA filter system
HF 2

The HEPA filter system in connection-ready housing.HEPA filter system HF 2 for efficient air cleaning

The HEPA filter system HF 2 in the ready-to-connect AERCUBE® housing is operated in conjunction with a noise box. Class G4 (pre-filter) and H13 (main filter) HEPA filters clean the air of mould fungus spores and other aerosols.

Integrated pollution monitoring signals when the filters need to be changed. The LED display on the front informs the drying engineer when the filters need to be changed. The units can be opened quickly and the filters easily changed thanks to two safety quick-release catches.

The benefits at a glance

  • Efficient filter system with integrated H13 HEPA filter and G4 pre-filter
  • LED display provides information about soiled filters
  • Suitable for Ø38 mm / Ø50 mm hose systems
  • Ready to connect with up to 270 m³/h air flow
  • Easy to open with safety quick-release catches
  • Broad range of handling and carrying options
  • Extremely robust AERCUBE® housing
  • Battery check at the press of a button
Product description

Innovative technology

KEEP IT SIMPLE is the principle that also applies to operating the units. Thanks to the new self-explanatory eDRY® electronics, the drying technician receives precisely the information which is required to ensure that the installation can be implemented quickly and easily – intelligent and user-friendly.


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All units of the AERCUBE® system can be stacked and combined thanks to the AERCUBE® housing. The housing is easy to clean and can be easily dismantled for servicing.

Want to have a unit fleet in your corporate colours and tailored with your logo? No problem! Find out the varied options and benefits of the AERCUBE® housing series.


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Energy consumption is displayed via the additional calibrated energy meter (MID-compliant).

Equipment features


Extremely robust, shock-proof and UV-resistant plastic housing. Resistant, easy-care surface. Four large feet provide stability.


Can be safely stacked and combined with any AERCUBE® products
to ensure safe operations. Fixed points for AERCUBE® lashing system.


Combined aluminium support for both the suction and pressure sides for Ø38 mm or Ø50 mm hose. Two screw lids for closing included.


Broad range of handling and carrying options.


Hepa filter separation level MPPS: > 99.95% and 99.995% filter class according to EN 1822 = H13 (1 item included in delivery) pre-filter class G4 (1 item included in delivery)


Service- and maintenance-friendly through safety
release catches


AERIAL offers a 5-year warranty on all PE housing components.

  • Adapter plate available for combinations with other unit series
  • AERCUBE® lashing system
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Drying of water damage

for pipe breakage, flooding and the use of extinguishing water

Drying of new buildings

Protection against later humidity damage due to remaining humidity

Renovation of existing buildings

Shorter drying periods during the construction phase

Product categories
Drying technology
and air purifiers
Remote monitoring

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