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Innovative efficiency technologies and conceptsUniquely modular and elaborately though out: The AERCUBE® housing series

The development of the AERCUBE® housing series is the result of many years of practical experience and intensive cooperation with our customers. The housing is designed specifically for mobile use and offers not just protection for the units but also many useful functions which make transport, use and operations easier in practice.


All units of the new AERCUBE® housing series can be stacked and combined. Thanks to an optional adapter plate, you can also combine and stack all your existing units with the AERCUBE® housing series. The unit dimensions that have been optimised to match pallet dimensions and an optionally available lashing system make it possible to save storage space and to transport the units safely. Various handling options and lightweight units permit comfortable transport by a single person.

The fact that wheels have intentionally not been used means that sensitive floor coverings are protected. Safety quick release catches provide rapid access to the inside of the units while guaranteeing maximum safety at the same time. The hygienically flawless design means that dirt can be easily and thoroughly removed from the inside and outside. It is therefore possible to make the units ready for use again within a short time.

Find out the varied options of the AERCUBE® housing series.


The functions at a glance

  • Ergonomic handling
    Many handling options for maximum comfort during lifting and carrying
  • No sharp edges, shockproof housing
    Rounded edges and corners protect people and the environment
  • Stackable and stable
    All units can be stacked, stored and transported to fit exactly without the risk of tipping – optimised for pallet transport
  • Intentionally separated
    Clear separation between the electronic system and the mechanics ensure maximum operating safety
  • Great for the environment
    All housing components are fully recyclable

Colour up your AERCUBE®

We make use of colour: Choose the right housing colour for your company from our colour palette. Design your AERCUBE® system to match your individual requirements and make a professional, consistent impression with your customers. You can match the AERCUBE® system to your company perfectly with further design options such as embossed logos and manufacture in your chosen colour.

Embossed logos and special colours are available at an extra cost. We are happy to provide free and non-binding advice on the design options of your AERCUBE® units –.

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ASE series

AERCUBE® system
Drying of insulation layers


AD 40

450 m³

35 L/24 H

Product categories
Drying technology
and air purifiers
Remote monitoring

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