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Condensation air dehumidifier

AD 7 series

Energy-saving dehumidification according to the heat pump principle.AD 7 series – in a high-tech housing

These high-quality processed units are used for drying structures and water damage as well as in industrial, trade, protection of investment and water-management applications. They may be used for multiple dehumidification functions. The robust, rotation-moulded plastic housing is absolutely shock- and breakage-proof and can boast a high-quality appearance and unique design.

The benefits at a glance

  • Robust, rotation-moulded plastic housing – absolutely shock- and breakage-proof
  • Easy to clean and dismantle the housing for servicing
  • High-quality appearance and unique design
  • Clear structure of the operating elements arranged to face the user
  • The desired room humidity can be easily set thanks to the integrated hygrostat
  • Operating hours counter included as standard reliably shows the entire operating duration
  • Optimal handling and carrying in mobile use thanks to the large transport wheels and various handling options
  • Ideally suited for use in cool areas, e.g. waterworks, unheated well shafts and pumping stations due to the demand-driven hot-gas defrosting
  • Optionally equipped with an integrated condensation pump (AD 750-P)

Performance classes

Product description

Efficient and energy-saving thanks to innovative technology

Thanks to the BlueDry® technology, our dehumidifier dehumidifies constantly and reliably even at lower humidities and temperatures.


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Energy consumption is displayed via the additional
calibrated energy meter (MID-compliant)

Equipment features


Shockproof and impact-resistant plastic housing,
hard-wearing and easy to maintain


The units can be stacked for storage


2-step energy-efficient EC axial fan


AD 750 12-litre water contain with bucket-full display and
switch-off. Hose connection for direct
condensate drainage. Firmly installed
condensation pump for AD 750-P and 780-P


AD 750 / AD 750-P 53 dB(A)
AD 780-P 55 dB(A)


Demand-driven hot-gas defrosting


Proper and safe storage of the mains cable
Prevents damage and accidents


Optimum mobility with two plastic wheels


Air inlet on the back
Air outlet on the front


Can be replaced quickly and easily
Protects the unit against dirt and dust


Continuously adjustable hygrostat


Operating hours counter. Optional
combi meter (kWh and operating hours)

  • Replacement air filter
  • Condensate drainage hose 15 x 2 mm
  • Combination meter (operating hours and kWh)
  • Socket hygrostat
  • Hose clamp drainage hose 12 x 2 / 15 x 2 mm
  • Socket thermostat
List view
Drying of water damage

for pipe breakage, flooding and the use of extinguishing water

Drying of new buildings

Protection against later humidity damage due to remaining humidity

Renovation of existing buildings

Shorter drying periods during the construction phase

Optimal indoor environment in living areas and cellars

Air humidity determines in a special way whether you feel comfortable in a room. Too high humidity can be oppressive and uncomfortable. It can cause mould and damage the building structure long-term. Visible or hidden mould in living areas can also have serious consequences for health.

Wellness areas in residential buildings

Private spa and wellness areas create increased humidity in the rooms used due to the vaporisation of warm water e.g. from pools. This creates a clammy, unpleasant atmosphere which can also put a strain on your circulation. A controlled dehumidification is good for your health and reduces the risk of corrosion or mould formation.

Protection of investment in vintage cars

Storage at too high humidity means that vehicles can suffer from metal corrosion, mould on leather and fungus infestation in wood parts. Replacement parts for vintage cars can be difficult to obtain and expensive. Restoration takes a lot of time and incurs additional costs. As a result, such valuable vehicles should be protected from humidity in good time. The AERIAL® air dehumidifier is ideal for just that.

Water management facilities

In Germany alone, more than 800 water plants and water management facilities place their trust in AERIAL® air dehumidifiers. Our equipment regulates humidity and thus protects pipes and control panels against corrosion. We offer competent and tailored expert advice on site and the right device for every room size.

Wind turbines

In the energy economy and in Renewable Energies, AERIAL® air dehumidifiers are used to prevent facility and transformer downtime due to too high humidity and corrosion damage to sensitive components. A controlled room humidity also contributes to improving the dielectric strength of insulators and increasing operating safety.

Food industry

Some processes in food production require a dry process and ambient air. Humidity greatly impacts on how long end products last, how they look and what they taste like. When handling natural raw materials, the process chain must be protected at all times to ensure that no germs or other pathogens can occur.

Museums, churches and collections

Museums, churches and collections are usually subject to special climatic requirements. Hygroscopic materials such as paper, canvases and paints can change or disintegrated if they are exposed to climatic fluctuations or a too high air humidity. 

Product categories
Drying technology
and air purifiers
Remote monitoring

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