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Protection of investment

Process efficiency

Swimming pools, fitness and wellness areas

Dehumidification in industry, trade and leisure facilities Swimming pools, fitness and wellness areas

In swimming pools, controlled humidity is not just relevant for ensuring the well-being of the guests but also that of the building. Damage caused by condensation may require expensive renovation measures.


In fitness centres and sports halls, a lot of humidity enters the air through sweating. This creates a clammy atmosphere which people perceive as uncomfortable and which further puts a strain on circulation. This reduces the ability to perform sports.

Efficient dehumidification using AERIAL® dehumidifiers ensures a pleasant indoor environment and protects the building  against damage.


Application areas in swimming pools, fitness and wellness areas

  •  Avoiding condensation on exterior windows and cold walls
  • Keeping showers and changing rooms dry
  • Reducing humidity in sauna, spa and fitness areas
  • Protecting components in rooms containing technology
  • Quick drying after cleaning

The benefits of air dehumidification in swimming pools, fitness and wellness areas

  • Protection against rot, corrosion and mould formation
  • Improved indoor atmosphere
  • Increased sports performance
  • Protection of furnishings and building structure
  • Expensive renovation measures can be avoided

AERIAL® dehumidifiers have been designed and developed especially for use in commercial applications. We offer the ideal solution for every application. Speak to us!

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