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Protection of investment in vintage cars

Dehumidification in garagesProtection of investment in vintage cars

How to create a Californian environment?


Experts know that vehicles from California will be almost rust-free. The predominantly dry humidity level means that vehicles will still be in a very good condition even after decades. It prevents humidity from collecting in cavities, corrosion on metal parts and wood, leather and other materials from rotting. Humidity damage to vehicles can be caused by changes to the temperature and humidity in the ambient air as well as missing or insufficient air circulation. AERIAL® dehumidifiers withdraw humidity from the air until the ideal humidity level is reached and thus protect against potentially irreparable damage and high repair costs.


A garage is insufficient to protect against humidity damage.


Any „collected“ humidity is locked in together with the vehicle. In addition, humidity caused by changes in the weather can enter a garage through regular openings. Setting up or installing an AERIAL® dehumidifier creates a pleasantly dry atmosphere in your garage in which humidity is almost entirely withdrawn from cavities, cracks and hidden areas in your vehicle. The building itself, your tools, bicycles or motorbikes stored there are also kept dry and protected against humidity damage.

The benefits of constant humidity to protect your investment in vintage cars

  • Optimal protection of investment in objects and properties
  • Protection against corrosion, mould and other humidity damage
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Total loss can be avoided

Contact us for advice - just like many fans of classic cars around the world who are already among our satisfied customers. We offer special tailored solutions for larger collections, underground car parks and conservation businesses. 

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