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Dehumidifier clothes drying

Dehumidification in residential buildingsEfficient laundry drying

Drying laundry with one or several regular clothes driers (tumble-dryers) is seen as especially energy-intensive. To save energy, laundry can be dried outside in the fresh air during the summer. But what to do in bad weather or in winter? A drying room equipped with an AERIAL® dehumidifier clothes dryer offers a reliable, environmentally friendly alternative.

AERIAL® dehumidifier clothes dryers apply the heat pump principle with energy recovery and can score points compared to regular tumble-dryers:


  • Simply hang up any type of washing on a line – including sensitive textiles like cashmere and silk
  • The textiles will not suffer abrasion as during tumble-drying.
  • Your laundry dries in the same way as in the wind and feels soft and smooth.
  • At the same time, the room is kept dry thereby protecting the building structure against damage.
  • No energy at all is waste by being pumped outside. The energy used to dry the clothes stays in the room as heat. (Heat pump principle)


Your laundry will feel as if it has been dried in the fresh air and be nearly crease-free. This is an extremely gentle method to dry clothes because your laundry will not suffer abrasion as it does when dried in a tumble-dryer. This means that textiles which cannot be dried in a tumble-dryer, ranging from cashmere to silk, can also be dried in this way.

In addition, the AERIAL® dehumidifier clothes dryer also keeps the drying room free from humidity long-term. Any pre-existing humidity in the walls or items stored there is also removed. Mould and bacteria cannot grow, thereby avoiding damage to property and health.

The benefits of drying laundry through dehumidification

  • Energy-efficient, environmentally friendly clothes drying method
  • Especially gentle laundry drying
  • Room is dried at the same time
  • Protection against mould formation and bacteria in the rooms

Have no suitable drying room for a stationary dehumidifier clothes dryer? Our mobile dehumidifiers are also ideal for drying clothes e.g. when attached to drying racks in your living space. 

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