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Dry out damage

from water

and humidity!

On construction sites and in emergencies...

Drying experts for more than 30 yearsDrying of structures and water damage

A building structure requires drying if large volumes of water penetrate the building through sudden unplanned events such as flooding or pipe breakage. Any rebuilding and repair work must start with quick and uncomplicated drying of the water damage conducted by an expert. 


By contrast, drying systems are used in building projects in order to reduce building drying times both for new buildings and when renovating existing properties.

Typical application areas

Drying of water damage

for pipe breakage, flooding and the use of extinguishing water

Drying of new buildings

Protection against later humidity damage due to remaining humidity

Renovation of existing buildings

Shorter drying periods during the construction phase

Product categories
Drying technology
and air purifiers
Remote monitoring