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In private living areas...

Dehumidification experts for more than 30 years Dehumidification in residential buildings

High humidity occurs particularly in cellars, hobby and residential rooms, buildings used temporarily such as holiday homes, smaller storage rooms, or bathrooms without windows or without proper ventilation. Too high humidity leads to mould and bad smells. That is why dehumidifiers are frequently used in specific areas of residential buildings. 

Typical application areas

Optimal indoor environment in living areas and cellars

Air humidity determines in a special way whether you feel comfortable in a room. Too high humidity can be oppressive and uncomfortable. It can cause mould and damage the building structure long-term. Visible or hidden mould in living areas can also have serious consequences for health.

Wellness areas in residential buildings

Private spa and wellness areas create increased humidity in the rooms used due to the vaporisation of warm water e.g. from pools. This creates a clammy, unpleasant atmosphere which can also put a strain on your circulation. A controlled dehumidification is good for your health and reduces the risk of corrosion or mould formation.

Efficient laundry drying

Washing and drying laundry causes a significant proportion (approx. 20 %) of the total household electricity consumption in single and multi-family dwellings. AERIAL® dehumidifier clothes dryers are extremely energy- and cost-efficient as they apply the heat pump principle with energy recovery. But they have even further benefits compared to regular tumble-dryers.

Protection of investment in vintage cars

Storage at too high humidity means that vehicles can suffer from metal corrosion, mould on leather and fungus infestation in wood parts. Replacement parts for vintage cars can be difficult to obtain and expensive. Restoration takes a lot of time and incurs additional costs. As a result, such valuable vehicles should be protected from humidity in good time. The AERIAL® air dehumidifier is ideal for just that.

Product categories
Drying technology
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Remote monitoring

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