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Optimal air humidity for industry, Office, trade

On land, water, and in the air...

Dehumidification experts for more than 30 years
Dehumidification in industrial and commercial properties

AERIAL® dehumidifiers are used in commercial properties and industrial processes in order to remove moisture from the air and thus to protect products, processes, machinery and buildings from humidity damage. They also create a health work environment for your employees.

Typical application areas

Water management facilities

In Germany alone, more than 800 water plants and water management facilities place their trust in AERIAL® air dehumidifiers. Our equipment regulates humidity and thus protects pipes and control panels against corrosion. We offer competent and tailored expert advice on site and the right device for every room size.

Wind turbines

In the energy economy and in Renewable Energies, AERIAL® air dehumidifiers are used to prevent facility and transformer downtime due to too high humidity and corrosion damage to sensitive components. A controlled room humidity also contributes to improving the dielectric strength of insulators and increasing operating safety.

Food industry

Some processes in food production require a dry process and ambient air. Humidity greatly impacts on how long end products last, how they look and what they taste like. When handling natural raw materials, the process chain must be protected at all times to ensure that no germs or other pathogens can occur.

Pharma industry

Air humidity plays an important role in some processes in the pharma industry. Processing and storage of raw materials, preliminary and end products can strongly depend on the consistency and viscosity of these usually hygroscopic substances. 

Agriculture and husbandry

After the harvest, some agricultural products are subjected to a drying process for use, storage or further processing. AERIAL® dehumidifiers can ensure safe and dry storage to avoid loss through mould infestation or storage.

Museums, churches and collections

Museums, churches and collections are usually subject to special climatic requirements. Hygroscopic materials such as paper, canvases and paints can change or disintegrated if they are exposed to climatic fluctuations or a too high air humidity. 

Cruise ships and container vessels

In shipping, air dehumidification plays an important role in counteracting humidity problems e.g. during goods storage, in cabins or rescue systems and to avoid electrical failure. After freight areas have been cleaned, professional air dehumidifying shortens drying times and thus expensive lay days.

Swimming pools, fitness and wellness areas

Leisure facilities with larger pools or wet zones face the challenge that the water turns into steam at higher temperatures. In this way, the air slowly becomes saturated with humidity which condenses on cold walls and windows. This condensate leads to rot, mould formation and corrosion.

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