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On construction sites and in emergencies

Optimal air humidity for industry, Office, trade

On land, water, and in the air

For a healthy and

pleasant indoor environment

In residential buildings

We have been developing, producing and selling air dehumidifying equipment and equipment for  drying of structures and water damagefor more than 30 years

Our AERIAL® products have always been produced in Germany and offer our customers around the world innovative solutions for reliable and efficient dehumidifying. Whether drying of structures and water damage which is subject to a time limit or permanently installed dehumidification in residential properties, we are dehumidifying experts.

Construction and water damage drying

AERIAL® drying systems withdraw excess humidity from the building in a targeted and efficient process. They are e.g. used during water damage caused by leaks and flooding. They ensure accelerated drying of structures for new buildings and renovations.

Air dehumidifying
in industry and business

AERIAL® dehumidifiers are used in commercial buildings and industrial processes to regulate the humidity level and keep it constant. They protect products, processes, machinery and buildings against humidity damage and create a healthy indoor environment for your employees.

Air dehumidifying
in residential properties

Permanently too high humidity invariably leads to mould, bad smells and damages furniture and buildings. AERIAL® air dehumidifiers prevent such impending damage from humidity in an effective way while at the same time significantly improving indoor environment quality.

Product categories
Drying technology
and air purifiers
Remote monitoring

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